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Video: STL Print Co. Renegades of Funk 2017

By |October 12th, 2017|Screen Printing, St.Louis Print Company, Videos|

Our success comes from various different aspects within our company. Every order from start to finish, there are many departments and members of our team that help make sure each process within the requisition is handled adequately. Most importantly, as a team we strive to ensure customer satisfaction, after all, without our customers we would [...]

Printwear: The 2015 Q & A Troubleshooting Guide

By |March 18th, 2016|Business, Printwear Magazine|

It this Printwear article Terry Keeven tells us about how important it is to have a professional built website. So check out Terry and all the other business owners articles in this Printwear magazine on Q & A Troubleshooting Guide & Business Management. Read Full Article (Page 80)

SBM Magazine: Future Fifty

By |March 18th, 2016|Business, Contract Screen Printing, Home Page, Screen Printing, Small Business Monthly Magazine|

In this Small Business Monthly article, founder and owner Terry Keeven is featured on the cover as having one of the 50 fastest growing companies in St. Louis. Terry Keeven founded St. Louis Print Co in 2007. The company has quickly grown from 3 employees to 37 employees and nearly $2 million in [...]

Wearables Magazine: In The Schedule

By |March 18th, 2016|Screen Printing, Wearable Magazine|

In this Article Terry Keeven gives advice on coming up with a system and how important it is to stick to that system. There are many different ways to go about this, some systems may work for one screen printing company but will not work in another company. It is very important to [...]

SBM Magazine: 100 St. Louisans You Should Know To Succeed In Business

By |March 18th, 2016|Business, Contract Screen Printing, Small Business Monthly Magazine|

In this Small Business Monthly article, Terry Keeven is featured as one of the 100 St. Louisans you should know to succeed in business. Terry is defiantly a St. Louisan you should know. He started his own printing company at 23 years old in a small warehouse with only 2 employees. Today Terry [...]

SBM Magazine: Best Business Advice Ever

By |March 18th, 2016|Business, Contract Screen Printing, Small Business Monthly Magazine|

In this article Terry Keeven is featured as giving the best business advice ever. The success of his company shows he knows how to keep up with his numbers and expenses. Check out the article on Terry and all the 2015 Best Business Advice in the March issue of St. Louis Small Business [...]

Stitches Magazine: Top Contract Screen Printer 2015

By |March 18th, 2016|Contract Screen Printing, St.Louis Print Company, Stitches Magazine|

In this Stitches Magazine article St. Louis Print Co. is listed as a top shop for contract screen printing. Terry Keeven has been in the screen print industries since he was 16 years old it’s no surprise that his company has made this list. St Louis print co is known for fast turn [...]

Wearables Magazine: A Growing Problem

By |March 18th, 2016|Business, Screen Printing, Wearable Magazine|

Thinking of growing your screen printing operation? If so, proceed with caution. If not managed correctly “growth” can send a business into financial ruin. In this article, Terry Keeven gives advice on how to grow your screen printing business the right way. Read Full Article (Page 59)

Video: Introducing Two New Services for 2015

By |March 18th, 2016|Contract Screen Printing, Customer Service, St.Louis Print Company|

Our mission at St. Louis Print Co is to provide the best contract screen printing service. With this in mind we are offering two new services starting in January 2015. For our local clientele we would like to introduce a new concept. Free access to our new conference room. Meet your clients in a private, [...]

Printwear Magazine: Proper Screen Reclaiming

By |March 18th, 2016|Printwear Magazine, Screen Printing|

Reclaiming screens may not be the most glamorous part of the screen printing process, but an efficient and effective process will save you time and money. Terry Keeven has over 16 years experience in the screen printing industry. In this article, published in Printwear Magazine, Terry gives his expert advice on how to [...]