Over the years, I have noticed that while inflation rose, the cost of contract decorating has declined. As I look around at some of my peers who have slashed their prices, I wonder how they even keep the lights on. After talking with hundreds of distributors, I have concluded that these vendors are selling based on price alone. The only way that they can print at some of these bottoms of the barrel prices, is to cut costs as much as possible, which leaves much to be desired for the distributor. Here at St. Louis Print Company, we have invested millions of dollars on the best equipment, the best employees, the best training programs and the best efficiency processes. I am a firm believer in “You get what you pay for,” and although we may not be the cheapest guy in town, we are very competitively priced and make sure that we give our client partners more value than what they pay for.

         I think that a lot of distributors have had such terrible experiences with so many screen printers, that they just think that since this is the status quo, they may as well just use the dirt-cheap company. I hear all the time that finding our company has been a breath of fresh air and has allowed clients to spend more time focusing on sales, rather than worrying about if their screen print orders will be done right or on time. I understand that by the time most distributors find us, they already have a bad taste in their mouth, based on what they have become accustomed to with most of their other contract decorators. Our staff understands this and knows that our job is to give clients an experience that they have not had before with other contract decorators.