Screen Printing is Our Passion

We are known for our quality screen-printing and exceptional customer service. We operate 4 automatic and 2 manual presses and offer up to 8 colors. This allows us to be able to handle just about any order that you may have. We take pride in what we do and you will feel that with each order you place with us. Whether you’re a distributor or an online retailer, we strive to make you feel 100% confident about partnering with us. We do absolutely no direct sales, so you will never have to worry about potentially competing with your contract decorator when working with us.

Our Quality, Service, & Passion are second to none!

St. Louis Print Co is large enough to get your job done, but small enough to give you the service and attention that you deserve.

Multi Color Screen Printing – We print up to eight colors in one graphic. This allows us to print virtually any graphic imaginable. This method uses high quality plastisol inks. Plastisol inks have great color opacity and can be made to match any color. We also offer 4 color process on light garments and simulated process on dark garments.

Owner Terry Keeven has been in the industry since he was just 16 years old. He believes that every small business is an extension of the owner, thus bringing his knowledge and experience to each order that gets printed at St. Louis Print Company.