One of the complaints that I have heard over the years from dozens of distributors is that they are sick and tired of having to babysit their contract decorators.  I used to be surprised when I heard this, but after twelve years of being in business, nothing surprises me anymore. Finding the right contract decorator can add tons of value to your business and your life. A great decorator is going to go out of their way to make your job easier, so that you can focus on getting more sales and growing your business. Then, in turn, their business can grow with yours. They look at the relationship between the distributor and themselves as more of a partnership than anything. To best serve your clients, you must make customer service a priority. That does not just entail being friendly on the phone and saying all the right things, you must set up an infrastructure that allows your CSR’s to service the client beyond their expectations. It starts with hiring the right people and fostering a company culture that puts the customer first.

           I believe that as the owner, it is my responsibility that I purchase the best equipment, software, and products, so that I can set up my staff to exceed our clients’ expectations. I feel that customer service starts long before the client decides to partner with us. A great decorator will make sure that all their staff is properly trained and adheres to an atmosphere of excellence. Although there are a lot of great contract decorators to choose from, there is a vast amount that do not seem to understand the concept of great customer service. When speaking with distributors, I always tell them that if they are happy with their contract decorator, then stick with them, as great ones are hard to find.