Our customers love our screen printing service.
We are constantly improving and value your feedback and suggestions.

Hi Terry – saw on the website you were the owner and just wanted to drop a quick note of appreciation. I started doing business with St Louis Print last fall and I have been so impressed. I love working with people who make me look like a hero. Dee and Sadie have been wonderful to work with and so attentive to everything I need. You have some super awesome employees! I wish I had made the switch sooner, I’ve been in this business 11 years and though my former screen printer was good, their quality and service slid significantly as they got larger. There doesn’t seem to be much I can throw at you that these ladies can’t handle. I love partnering with people who simply do what they say and provide a quality product, that is really all I expect, but you would be surprised by how many can’t deliver consistently.

AMAZING job, Thanks so much again, have a great day!

You guys are great and I truly appreciate the relationship my company (and me personally) has with you and STL Print Co.

Thank you and have a great weekend.

Brian S.
Hi Brad,

Can you please let the owner know that Sadie was a great help with this order. Awesome customer service!

Dawn G.
You all have been the best. Terry you have the best employees ever.

Thanks again

Brittany B.
Just want to say thank you to you and your team for your help with this order!!! Turning it around this quickly was great, and the shirts look awesome.

Ashley B.
You guys are awesome!

I serously appreciate how great you guys are to work with!!

Thanks again!!

Rebecca M.
Too many times we hear about the problems.

I just wanted to drop a quick note that I appreciate the work you guys do and the effort to make us look good. Please share this with your staff.

All the best,

David K.

I just wanted to thank you for the rush turnaround and the great printing that you did on the Rouses Tshirt order that was delivered a day early!! Thank you for the updated price list and we will be sending you more orders very soon.

Thanks again!!

Rachel Z.
THANK YOU! You guys have really been awesome to work with. So glad we found you. We don’t have a ton of overflow work for you guys but soooo nice knowing when we do you guys are there. I will definitely be passing on your information any chance we get when someone is looking for a contract screen printer.

Have a great day!

Hi Amanda

I received the shipment today. Awesome job!! They look great as usual. Thank you for all of your help.

Joe L.
I just saw pictures of the Fence Restoration t-shirt you just printed for me, and it looks better than the proof I showed them! The colors is perfect, the print is perfect. It’s better than I expected.

Thank you all, so much!

Elizabeth H.
Thanks Jeremy,

You guys do a fantastic job, I appreciate all your help.

Thanks Again,

Denny J.

Once again I want to thank you and your crew for getting the KC Crew order out. I hate to put the pressure on like that and wish all our orders had plenty of time or that I don’t screw up and not get things booked quick enough, but unfortunately things happen.

You handled my persistence well and I appreciate it.

Hope you guys were able to enjoy the beer!


Wes W.

Just got the UPS shipment of navy “I Work” T-shirts and they look great! Thank you for doing such a wonderful printing job.

Thank you

Jerry K.
Hi Sadie

Thanks soooo much for taking care of that art for me last week. I want you to know I really appreciate it. You are amazing to work with 🙂


Linda B.

Just wanted to let you know the shirts looked great! You guys do very nice work.


James M.

The shirts look awesome and they love them. Thank you for always doing such a great job for us.

Have a great weekend,

Margaret H.

Just wanted to let you know I appreciate your guys turning my job so quickly. Brad didn’t know me from ADAM. Yet he took my small order and was able to fit it in your schedule. I let my offset guy handle this job the last time because I didn’t want to deal with it. They sent it to your former employer. Why they use him I can’t fathom. What a bunch of jackasses. Because it was a small order they treated just like that. They could not have cared less and finished it (AFTER MUCH PRODING) a week late. I went on to read the article published about your business and I can see why your business is growing. I think that customer service separates good businesses from bad ones. I subscribe to the same theory. Too often, people like your former employer, could not give a rats rear about turning a small job fast. I have done some business with you when you worked as a GM and had not used you since. I can tell you this much, even though I do not do a lot of this type of business. (I am too lazy) I will not make the mistake of going to another screen printer.


Curtis P.
My nomination is St. Louis Print Co. Jeremy Boyer and his crew always meet my business needs, especially when I have very quick-turn printed tee shirt projects – they are the only printer I know I can rely on to have the product arrive at the customer’s door on time and accurately produced. The STL PrintCo folks are easy to work with, prompt to respond and, as I mentioned, always reliable. My orders are not the biggest ones they deal with, but, the attention paid to them make me feel like those orders are just as important to them as they are to me. They are a great partner for my small business and a company I believe worthy of recognition as one of the best small businesses in the St. Louis area.

Thank you.

Randall R.
Perfect thanks so much for taking great care of us!
Danielle B.
Oh my gosh that’s “hella” fast! LOL

Thanks so much Jeremy, you guys are AWESOME!

Angeli M.
WOW!!! Thank you so much Brad!!! I’m very impressed with you all!!!

Kindest Regards,

Gina R.

The shirts look great. I wanted to let you know that the screen printing you guys do is superior to the place I was using in Kansas. Thanks!

Happy Customer

You guys made it happen again.

Thank you!

Brian S.
Thank you for taking care of the customer promptly. This service is priceless and I will continue to do business with you indefinitely.

Happy Customer

You guys made it happen again.

Thank you!

Tony K.

WOW!!!!! That’s unbelievable!

Thank you so much for the fast service! My client’s going to be thrilled!!

Kindest Regards,

Gina R.
I just picked up the shirts and have to say they look fantastic! We are beyond thrilled with how they turned out. Thank you so much for all of your help with this order and I will be sure to let you know about future projects.

Thank you!

Katie H.

Thank you for everything, the shirts came out amazing!!!

Thank You,

Armando S.
You guys just ran the ATC shirts for me. The client is so pleased! Thanks for a job well done.


Jen D.
No one Does Business at STL Print Like you DO. Just want to let you know how amazing you are and what an asset you are to that company.

Miss you greatly.

Got the Cooks shirts today, SHARP!! Thanks
We are so excited to be working with your company. It is so refreshing to work with a company that cares about its work. We all love you guys and your customer service is outstanding. We look forward to continuing our working experience with you.


Thank you so much. Julie said she saw the shirts that shipped and she thought they look amazing!! Thank you so much for all of your help, not only on this order, but so many challenging orders that we send you.

Have a great weekend,

Amanda V.
You just don’t know how relieved we are to be working with your company. Yal have made a big issue for us seem small. We really appreciate you and your company.
Robin O.

Congrats on your continued growth. VERY impressive. Thank you for your good service. Brad does a great job with customer service.


Appreciate the seamless business. You guys rock.

Tony B.

I just wanted to drop you a note to thank you for showing our class around on Monday. Your operation is impressive and it looks like a really fun place to work. Not only is Max a great instructor but apparently a great judge of character as well.

Good luck to you and I hope your company continues to be successful.


Victoria G., Lindenwood UniversityMasters Communication Program
Thanks Brad,

Just wanted to mention that I am very happy with your work, attention to detail, and willingness to help me meet my deadlines.

Jodie W.
Hi Jeremy and Dee,

Our customer emailed their appreciation for getting the shirts in such a short time frame—and how happy they were with how they turned out. …wanted to pass on the compliment.

Thank you,

Karen K.
Hi Terry,

I just wanted to say that since we’ve started doing business with you guys the entire process has been seamless, easy, punctual and pleasurable. It’s not often a company in NJ can say that moving production half way across the country makes sense, but this was probably the best thing we could do. We put some blind faith in your operations and it’s paid off measurably for us.

Thanks again for all your hard work.

Darren S.
Jeremy & Terry,

HI. I just wanted to send a quick email to you and let you know how happy we have been to make the switch to your company. We had weighed using a local company instead due to freight costs, but decided the money paid in freight was worth what we are getting in return.

Jeremy is wonderful to work with and very thorough from everything to the paperwork organizing to the correct color and size on the garments.

The quality of your work has been great and we are proud as a company to deliver the final product.
Thank you very much for all the hard work you have given us. It certainly makes our jobs easier knowing we can deliver a quality product on a timely basis.

Thank you!

Kristi F.

I tried to stay loyal to local contractors. I believed in keeping business in town. You can only take getting burned so many times before you start looking elsewhere. ASI put your email flyer in my inbox at the right time. The customers are so happy with the received products.

I just want to thank you both for putting up with us during the learning curve. I told Christen this is the service I was looking for and received.

I hope you and your families have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Thanks again for everything!

Les W.

Glad to hear you are doing well. I keep hearing good things about your work.

Keep it up! All the best.

Mark N.
Hi Amanda,

Let everyone on your team know we are very happy. They just came in and are so cute. Love them.

Thanks so much!

Sarah B.

Please let everyone involved in the complete process for the FJSI shirts, and everything else you have done for me for that matter, know that they are awesome. You all do such wonderful work and it is an extreme pleasure doing business with you!

Thank you and have a great weekend!

Armando S.
You guys are absolutely incredible and I am so happy I am working with you guys. It’s probably the easiest experience I’ve ever had. Thank you so much.
Ashley R.
Hey Terry,

It’s been hell week coordinating 10-different orders that have been a pain in the ass. Amanda and Alissa have been knocking these confirmations and proofs out left and right, all while going above and beyond with taking the extra time to make recommendations or rush things as needed to make sure these orders are completed on time. You truly have two great employees on your team and it’s refreshing to see that type of service in the promotional products industry, or anywhere for that matter.

When I first started sending orders to StLPrint, I’ll be honest it was rocky with issues on the first couple orders that I had placed and was seriously considering not sending anymore orders your way. Thankfully, you called me personally and explained the situation, made an internal rep change, and things have been running smooth since, so I need to say thank you for taking that extra step as well. I’m not sure that I ever told you thanks for that, but that has stuck in my mind ever since and why I continue to trust you with my orders.

I love being able to work with local suppliers and small business owners and your company makes it easy to keep doing so!

Thanks again,

I don’t know what you do to poly shirts that no one else has figured out, but the Bonhomme Wrestling and Badger baseball shirts I picked up yesterday look outstanding! I think these are the best finished screen printed products I have seen here in 14 years of business.
Please pass this on to the guys/gals in that back that their efforts are noticed and appreciated.
Hey Terry,
I wanted to tell you that we have placed a lot of orders in the past few weeks and your team has knocked them out of the park! From quick artwork turnaround to meeting our in hand dates, your team has been doing a very good job.
Idk what I would do without you guys being so awesome! Thanks Amanda and STL Print team!
Hi Terry,

I just wanted to drop you a quick note and say thank you so much for your attention to detail and the care you take in having your company put out quality work, not just push the job through to get it done. We know the artwork for the Nutcracker tees was very detailed and intricate, and truly appreciate your willingness to do whatever it took to get us a quality product, and on time for our customer! Working with St. Louis Print Company truly does put our minds at ease that we will always have a good product and know that if something out of the ordinary happens, you will always put quality work ahead of everything else and also right any wrongs if necessary.

We can’t wait to see the shirts tomorrow and know our customer is very excited to see them as well. Thanks again for all you do – working with you & your company is truly a pleasure!

Thank you!

If you have any type of employee recognition program, please consider Alissa. She spent a lot of time this weekend helping us with some difficult art. I’m not surprised, as she always does whatever is necessary to help out. The fact she did this on her weekend time really speaks for what type of person and employee she is.


Just received the T-Shirts you did for the New Jersey Wounded Warrior and want to thank you

You did a great job, looks really good, and just as important you made my deadline

Thank You

Gary G.
Just wanted to say thanks so much for having this ready on time yesterday morning. I can’t tell you enough how awesome you guys are, and how amazing it is to have a supplier who is so reliable in their word. Definitely a rare trait in this industry.

I received your Thank You card. That was very kind, I greatly appreciated it.

I really struggle in the promotional marketing industry to find good customer service. I talk to my boss/owner, Guy McDermott about this almost daily! I speak with a lot of vendors, embroiders and the list goes on but there is no one like Dee. It is just a real pleasure to work with Dee. She is outstanding and your company as a whole is just on the ball, get it done in a timely manner and provide exceptional friendly service always. Most company these days don’t even list their number on their website. They want to communicate only by email. They could learn a few things from St. Louis Print!

I really appreciate your card and your efforts in all the work you do for us.

Melodye P.
Thank you so much for all of your work with this crazy order. I am genuinely grateful for how EASY you make these kinds of orders. YOU ARE AMAZING!!!!!
Amanda S.
Hi Dee,

I just received this from my client:

The T-shirts are here and they look FABULOUS!!!!! Thank you!!!!
Thanks for doing an awesome job on this many-imprint-color order J


Julie S.
You may not be aware of this but St. Louis Print saved me from a disaster Friday. You printed a job for Eureka basketball that I overlooked a design that was supposed to be on the back. I picked them up from him and said I would get the backs printed. They were scheduled to be printed 1/30. He called me Friday looking for his shirts as his event was Friday night (he did not tell me that). I told him I would have to deliver the shirts without the back being printed. I called Amanda and told her I would have to pick up the shirts. She called me back a little later and said you would get them printed and I could pick them up at 1 PM.
I really appreciate St. Louis Print going above and beyond the norm to help me out!


Seriously, thank you for being awesome. The fact that I don’t have to babysit orders we send to you is really, really, helpful to my LIFE. I so appreciate all you do.


Amanda S.
I just wanted to let you know that Amie and I were super impressed with the screening on the KKG tees. We know that wasn’t an easy job but you pulled it off flawlessly.

Thanks you!


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