Do you consider yourself successful? If so, how do you measure the success? Is it measured by the size of your bank account, your ZIP Code, or the car you drive? If that’s the case you may want to rethink your gauge for success. Individuals who base how successful they are solely by these sort of material things are destined for a life of diluted happiness, regret, and a sense of emptiness. Nobody on their death bed wishes they spent more time at the office, rather it seems that they reflect on the relationships in their lives and want to be surrounded by loved ones.

“Success is not the size of your bank account, but rather the size of your life”

Do not think that I am an advocate for slothfulness and being lazy. I believe in hard work and putting in long productive hours. However, I am advocating that for true fulfillment, joy, and peace of mind we must find balance in our lives.

Work is important, but so is the relationship with your spouse and children. Do you put even a fraction of the time thinking about your loved ones and planning for the success of your family as you do planning for the success of your business? Most people do not, which is why there are so many very successful business people who are divorced. All of us who strives to be the best we can have very busy lives, and there are seasons in our lives where we must buckle down and put in the long hours and give our businesses all that we have. We just need to make sure that those seasons do not turn into years and let life pass us by because we were too busy chasing success.

True, money is important (just under oxygen if you ask me). It will buy you a house, but not give you a home. It will buy you a gym membership, but not give you health. It will buy you extravagant vacations, but not provide you with loved ones to share those vacations with.

Success is not the size of your bank account, but rather the size of your life. When you can wake up every morning with a great outlook on the day and go to sleep every night with a true peace of mind and make the most of all of the hours in between you have met success. We all have our own ideas of what success looks like. I am just asking that we evaluate our own measure and see if it falls in line with a truly balanced, joyful, and meaningful life.