Benefits of Working for St. Louis Print Co

At STL Print Co., we deeply value our staff, recognizing that the strength of our company lies in the dedication and talent of our team members. We’re committed to creating an enriching work environment where great working hours, competitive hourly pay, full benefits, and substantial weekly bonuses are just the beginning. Our total compensation package often exceeds $50,000 per year, with opportunities for even higher earnings through profit sharing, highlighting our culture of mutual success and growth.

We pride ourselves on fostering a supportive community where individuals are not just employees but valued members of our family, with many enjoying long-term careers spanning over a decade. This stability and respect for work-life balance, combined with the chance to learn a trade that ensures employability in any market condition, make STL Print Co. an ideal place to build a rewarding career.

As a leading provider of screen printing and embroidery jobs in St. Louis, we invite passionate and ambitious individuals to join us, offering a path to professional growth and personal fulfillment in an industry that values skill and dedication. Apply now to become part of our thriving team at STL Print Co., where your journey towards a successful and satisfying career in the print industry awaits.


What Sets Us Apart

Job Stability

We have been in business since 2007, with a steady rate of growth and we are stronger than ever!


Most of our staff, including our office personnel and management, started with us in entry level positions.

Company Matched Retirement

We match up to 3% of your yearly compensation that goes into your
retirement account.

Paid holidays

After 3 months of employment, we offer the following paid holidays:


Up to 4 weeks paid vacation:

At STL Print Co, employees are eligible for up to four weeks of paid vacation, allowing ample time for rest and rejuvenation. Vacation accrual is directly tied to tenure, rewarding long-term commitment with increased time off. This policy ensures that as you continue to contribute to our success, you gain more opportunities to enjoy well-earned breaks.

Competitive Pay

At STL Print Co, we start with a robust salary package, offering guaranteed increases after 3 months of employment to recognize and motivate new talent. Our compensation evolves with your career progression, ensuring that dedication and skill advancement are financially rewarded. This approach fosters a culture of achievement and growth.


Weekly Bonuses

We give weekly bonuses based on quotas and profitability because we understand that our success as a company is reliant on the strength of our hard-working team.

No nights, No weekends

We work a strict schedule from Monday – Friday, from 7am- 3:30pm. This allows our staff to have balance in their lives and to spend their nights and weekends with their families.

Health Benefits

We offer health, dental and vision insurance.

No Mandatory Overtime

Although we do allow overtime for some positions, which is paid at time and a half, we do not require it.

You guys are great and I truly appreciate the relationship my company (and me personally) has with you and STL Print Co.

- Brian S. -

All of the shirts got here today and they look great! Thanks for your help, we’ll be sending more your way! Thank You!

- Lorie T. -

Thank you! I’m growing by leaps and bounds with all these new customers and I couldn’t do it without you, Dylan, everyone of you at St Louis Print.

- Threasa G. -

Hi Brad, Can you please let the owner know that Sadie was a great help with this order. Awesome customer service!

- Dawn G. -

You all have been the best. Terry you have the best employees ever. Thanks again

- Brittany B. -

Our customer said she "likes them, they turned out great!"

- Threasa G -

Just want to say thank you to you and your team for your help with this order!!! Turning it around this quickly was great, and the shirts look awesome.

- Ashley B. -

You guys are awesome! I serously appreciate how great you guys are to work with!! Thanks again!!

- Rebecca M. -

Too many times we hear about the problems. I just wanted to drop a quick note that I appreciate the work you guys do and the effort to make us look good. Please share this with your staff. All the best,

- David K.

I would really like to thank you and share customer compliments that you helped make happen! -They said "we got them and holy cow they’re amazing! We are very happen with them!"

- Threasa G. -

Brad, I just wanted to thank you for the rush turnaround and the great printing that you did on the Rouses Tshirt order that was delivered a day early!! Thank you for the updated price list and we will be sending you more orders very soon. Thanks again!!

- Rachel Z.

THANK YOU! You guys have really been awesome to work with. So glad we found you. We don’t have a ton of overflow work for you guys but soooo nice knowing when we do you guys are there. I will definitely be passing on your information any chance we get when someone is looking for a contract screen printer. Have a great day!

- Christina

Hi Amanda I received the shipment today. Awesome job!! They look great as usual. Thank you for all of your help.

- Joe L.

I just saw pictures of the Fence Restoration t-shirt you just printed for me, and it looks better than the proof I showed them! The colors is perfect, the print is perfect. It’s better than I expected. Thank you all, so much!

- Elizabeth H.

Thanks Jeremy, You guys do a fantastic job, I appreciate all your help. Thanks Again,

- Denny J.

Brad, Once again I want to thank you and your crew for getting the Crew order out. I hate to put the pressure on like that and wish all our orders had plenty of time or that I don’t screw up and not get things booked quick enough, but unfortunately things happen. You handled my persistence well and I appreciate it. Hope you guys were able to enjoy the beer! Thanks,

- Wes W.

Jeremy, Just got the UPS shipment of navy “I Work” T-shirts and they look great! Thank you for doing such a wonderful printing job. Thank you

- Jerry K.

Hi Sadie Thanks soooo much for taking care of that art for me last week. I want you to know I really appreciate it. You are amazing to work with. HAVE A GREAT week!

- Linda B.

Brad, Just wanted to let you know the shirts looked great! You guys do very nice work. Thanks!

- James M. 

Brad, The shirts look awesome and they love them. Thank you for always doing such a great job for us. Have a great weekend,

- Margaret H.

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