Customer Service Representatives are a vital part of any business, but to excel in customer service you must go above and beyond what the customer has experienced with other vendors. At St. Louis Print Co this means serving the customer in a fashion that gives them more value than what they are actually paying for. Our CSR’s are the face of our company and the primary contacts for our clients. They are highly experienced in our industry and can advise clients on their contract screen printing project. We have an outstanding team of CSR’s, but our customer service starts long before the prospect even contacts us to place the order.

It’s the things that you don’t typically think of as customer service that make ours stand out. Everything from the inks we use to the screen printers we hire all contribute to the overall experience for our customers. You see, it is impossible for the CSR to do an outstanding job if the supporting infrastructure is incomplete or broken.

St. Louis Print Co. uses the leading manufacturers when it comes to ink, equipment, and every thing else that has to do with production. If we used inferior products or equipment we could not live up to the promises made by our CSR’s and the client would receive an inferior screen printing service. Equally important are our streamlined processes which have taken us years to develop. Providing our CSR’s with this type of company wide support allows them to serve each customer with the highest degree of efficiency and integrity.

It is this sort of outstanding customer service that has gotten us recognized by our industry and community as one of the best contract decorators in the nation. When you contact our company and speak with one of our CSR’s, you can be confident that there is an infrastructure of 30 or more employees in the background who are striving to give you the best customer service that our industry has ever seen.